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  • Over 12 years experience with international shipping and customs
  • FREE BASIC ACCOUNT. No setup fee!
  • The lowest fees in the industry - check out our shipping calculator!
  • Discounted courier rates
  • FREE insurance on shipments (up to declared or invoice value)
  • FREE package storage up to one quarter pallet
  • Personal shopper service available
  • Product repair technicians available

Hear what our customers are saying!

Lifeboat account has been a life changing experience for me. It took a little time to learn the system at the beginning, but once I got used to it, it just blew me away. Some sellers on Ebay, for example, just do not ship internationally. That was like a door slamming in my face. That problem got solved with Lifeboat.

I enjoy online shopping more and I can now buy anything I like. Lifeboat, my life saver.

- Thanakorn Oularparthon

They received my exclusive statue from Sideshow and send me down here in Brazil. Before they shipped the piece to me, they offered me more services like inspecting my package to check the items condition and brown paper wrapping, which offered more discretion and, in some way, safety on the product I have purchased. After this point I saw myself using LifeBoat Shipping for various purchases. Product I've bought on Amazon, on Ebay, purchases I did in forums with sellers that didn't ship overseas, etc. LifeBoat Shipping made it possible for me to continue to enjoy the hobby I so much love in an easier and more accessible way. I never received broken items or items that were badly wrapped or packaged. You couple this quality of service with an outstanding attention to the customer and you have a happy collector, like me =) (click to read more)
- Victor Coehlo
Sao Luis, Maranhão, Brazil