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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust Lifeboat Shipping with my items?

Lifeboat has been in business since 2003, for more than 10 years now. The company began as a platform to sell limited edition move merchandise, and did so for 11 years, doing business as Secret Compass. Along the way, Secret Compass became...

Why do I need a package forwarding service?

There are several reasons why you might want to use package forwarding. The main reason is that many US online stores will not ship overseas.

How do I fill out and submit the 1583 form?

It's easy! This form looks confusing but it is not. Just follow our simple instructions.

How long can I keep packages in my account?

As long as you are regularly shipping from your Lifeboat account, you can keep packages in the Lifeboat warehouse as long as you want.

What are the limitations of a Basic Account?

With the basic account you are limited to 16 cubic feet of space. If you need more space, there are options for you...

Why don't I see DHL rates in my shopping cart?

DHL requires that the maximum length for the "state" portion is 10 characters. If you type in the first 10 letters of your state and leave it at that, you can use DHL, and your package will arrive just fine!

Can I use my own shipping labels or use third party shipping accounts?

No, we do not support this. You must ship using the checkout process.

Can I store packages with you and use a freight service to ship them out?

You can do this, but monthly storage fees are higher and you will need to pay for labor and administration time to set up your freight shipment.