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I have packages in my account. What do I do with them?


If you wish to have them forwarded to your overseas address, add them to your shopping cart and check out. It's that easy!

You will need to enter customs information in order to add the package to your cart. Please note that your package will be insured for the value you declare.

On the item page you can also choose to have the package wrapped in brown paper. This can be useful if you require discretion or extra security with your package.

There are also various services you can perform to your packages. Go to the "Additional Services" category to see these. If you do wish to select a service, please add it to the cart, indicating which package(s) it is to be performed on, and check out. DO NOT put the package itself in the cart. That means you want to ship it to you! Please purchase the service, wait for it to be performed, and then see the results of it before deciding to ship.