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I want to use Lifeboat. How to I begin?


It's easy! Head over to our signup page, add the subscription to your shopping cart, and check out, just like a standard website. You pay nothing to start!

After completing checkout, you'll receive two emails - one will confirm your subscription order, and the other will have your unique USA address in it and information regarding filling out the required USPS form 1583. This email will contain a link to download the 1583 form.

Please return the completed 1583 and required documentation to us BEFORE having any packages shipped to us.  The 1583 form allows us to legally receive mail on your behalf.

Here's an example of the address:

George Lopez
1318 Duff Drive #100104
Fort Collins, CO 80524

With this address, you can immediately begin purchasing items and having them shipped to this address. Simply enter it as your Shipping Address when making purchases.

When we receive packages for you, we will enter them into our system and you will see them on your own, unique category page on the Lifeboat website, once you have logged in.

Please note, it may take up to 48 hours for your account setup to be complete on our end, but don't worry - you can immediately begin shopping and having packages sent to Lifeboat. You'll receive an email from us when the setup is complete, and any packages that arrive before the account is setup will be entered into our system, visible to you when you login. Please note that if we received any packages for you BEFORE your account setup is complete it may take additional time for those packages to be entered into your account.