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Packages are being shipped to Lifeboat. What happens next?


Sit back and relax! When your packages arrive at our warehouse, we will enter them into your account and notify you.

You DO NOT NEED to let us know a package is coming our way. 

We will see it in our daily drop-off when it arrives. We will then take a picture of it and enter it into your account with basic information such as sender, weight, and dimensions. Generally your package ID will be the incoming tracking number. If there is no tracking number, we will use an order number if we can find it, or some other description that will be clear to you.

If anything appears obviously broken or damaged we will indicate this in the package description. 

Once the package is entered into your account we will send you an email indicating that a package was received. You can then log in to you account and view the item.

You can then login to your account and view your package, just as if it was a product in an ordinary online webstore. Of course - your package is private and only you can see it, as is your "My Packages #" category.