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Uma Nota de Victor

Hi there folks!

My name is Victor Coelho. I’m a Brazilian nerd hooked on collecting various items of my favourite movie, games and comics characters. Right now, I believe it’s been a decade I’ve been buying things overseas for personal use. DVDs, artbooks, hardcover comics, games, statues… I’ve always kept me eyes on the things that caught my attention and aroused interest in me. Unfortunately, for living in Brazil things were never easy: some products I was looking for were region exclusive, some sellers wouldn’t ship to my country, some websites just work with expensive courier shipping which makes the shipping costs much more expensive, not to mention the customs fees which Brazilians are subject. Fortunately, in the middle of this mess a solution appeared to me, a solution called “LifeBoat Shipping”.

The first time I made use of LifeBoat Shipping services was to buy an exclusive Sideshow Collectibles statue, sold only on the company website. The piece came with unique features and accessories not found on the regular version sold on the Local Comic Shops and retailers. Due to the fact that Sideshow use courrier shipping services for their orders I saw myself paying almost the double of the statue’s price just because of the shipping costs. That’s when I met LifeBoat Shipping.

Through a Statues and Comics store (by the way, the best store of collectibles I’ve ever known) called “Secret Compass” and its owner, Mr. Shane Cooper, I get to know the services of LifeBoat Shipping. They received my exclusive statue from Sideshow and send me down here in Brazil. Before they shipped the piece to me, they offered me more services like inspecting my package to check the items condition and brown paper wrapping, which offered more discretion and, in some way, safety on the product I have purchased. After this point I saw myself using LifeBoat Shipping for various purchases. Product I’ve bought on Amazon, on Ebay, purchases I did in forums with sellers that didn’t ship overseas, etc. LifeBoat Shipping made it possible for me to continue to enjoy the hobby I so much love in an easier and more accessible way. I never received broken items or items that were badly wrapped or packaged. You couple this quality of service with an outstanding attention to the customer and you have a happy collector, like me =)

You want to buy overseas and you’re having trouble with it? Do a favor to yourself and your wallet and make use of LifeBoat Shipping services. Besides all things shared here I can’t forget to mention that they are always inclined and interested on following their clients specific shipping instructions. Nowadays, after years of buying things with their help I honestly consider them friends which I really have high esteem.

Thanks for letting me do this testimonial here! And Thanks for everything done in all these years! Manly hugs!

Victor Coelho
Sao Luis, Maranhão, Brazil
[email protected]