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What is Package Consolidation? Why would I do that?


Consolidation is combining multiple packages into one package. This saves shipping costs by reducing the amount of shipping labels that must be created.

Consider that all couriers have a minimum, per shipment cost. They then add a certain cost to this, depending on the weight of the package. So, if you reduce the number of shipments, you will reduce your cost.

Here is an example:

To send one 10 pound package to Brazil via DHL costs $132.25.

If you have two 10 pound packages, to send both of them SEPARATELY would cost you $264.50.

However, if you consolidate the two packages into one 20 pound package, the cost to ship is $221.17.

You can see that by consolidating the two packages into one package, you save $43.33! The savings increase if you consolidate more packages into one.

At Lifeboat, package consolidation is $9.95. Simply add this service, ALONE, to your cart, indicating which of your packages you would like to combine. We will consolidate these packages into one larger box, and enter that box into your account.

With this service, we open up your packages and combine the items into the smallest box possible. This service is extremely useful because most items are shipped in boxes that are MUCH LARGER than necessary. By reducing the size of the shipment, you will drastically reduce your shipping costs.

Note that we will only fill one box when you purchase this service. If you list a lot packages, we will put as many as we can into our largest box, and the remaining packages will remain in your account as individual packages. If you wish to consolidate them, you will need to purchase the service again.

The standard, largest box we have measures 22x16x12 inches. This is the largest size that USPS Priority will ship to many countries. For an additional $10, we will consolidate your packages into a 30x20x18 inches. Be aware that USPS Priority may not be a shipping option for you, depending on your country restrictions.