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What size box do you use for Package Consolidation?


That depends on how many packages you want to consolidate. We will always use the smallest box possible, up to the maximum box size of 22x16x12 inches. You also have the option to use our oversized box in order to fit more items inside, but this may have restrictions on available shipping methods.

If you list too many packages for one box, we will put as many as we can into one box, and the leftover packages will remain in your account as individual items. To consolidate any remaining packages you'll need to purchase the service again.

We use these box sizes because of USPS restrictions. Our standard large 22x16x12 box will ship to nearly all countries. The oversize box may not be able to be shipped with USPS Priority (non-Express). The oversize box will be able to be shipped to most countries with USPS Priority Express shipping. The other couriers - DHL, UPS and FedEx can ship the oversized box to ALL countries. 

If you have any questions, please no not hesitate to Contact Us!