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Why do I need a package forwarding service?


There are several reasons why you might want to use package forwarding. 

The main reason is that many US online stores will not ship overseas. At Lifeboat, we believe you should be able to shop anywhere you want! Your USA address will allow you to make purchases at any online store, and have them shipped to and stored in our secure warehouse. You then have the ability to ship these items home to you whenever you want.

Another reason to use package forwarding is to allow your packages to be inspected for defects or damage, BEFORE you pay for overseas shipping. This will give you the opportunity to return the item, or have it repaired by our technicians.

At Lifeboat we have a variety of additional services that make package forwarding worthwhile. This includes wrapping in brown paper, which can make your shipment more secure, and advanced consolidation, which can reduce the volumetric weight of your package, and thereby save you money on shipping costs.