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Why should I trust Lifeboat Shipping with my items?


Lifeboat has been in business since 2003, for more than 10 years now.  The company began as a platform to sell limited edition move merchandise, and did so for 11 years, doing business as Secret Compass. Along the way, Secret Compass became Authorized Dealers for just about every manufacturer in the limited edition collectibles world, and became one of the most trusted and reliable companies online, known for delivering quality merchandise to customers living in more than 80 countries.  In 2014, Secret Compass became Secret Compass, Inc. and continues to be a global leader in the delivery of retail goods.  Lifeboat also has continued, as a shipping solution for existing customers and new customers living internationally.  We are members of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) in the USA and have a 12+ year history on ebay (user ID: secretcompass) that demonstrates our commitment to our existing and potential customers.