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Why would I want to get a package inspected? How do I do that?


Package inspection is useful in case you need to return your order to the original merchant. It is much easier to make a return to a USA merchant from the USA, rather than dealing with shipping internationally. 

We can let you know the condition of your package and we will take interior photos so you can see the condition for yourself. With advanced inspection we will make sure electronics turn on and off, we will take even more photos, and we will make sure your item is exactly what you want it to be. 

We will also let you know if you would benefit from an advanced consolidation. If there is a lot of extra space we will let you know, and you can then decide if you would like us to repack the item you purchased into the smallest box possible. This will lower your shipping rates. 

To get a package inspected simply put an inspection service in your cart. You will need to let us know which package you want inspected. Once we complete the inspection we will update your product page with details and extra photos. If the item is broken we will let you know if our technicians can make the repair, and give you more information about getting the item fixed.

NOTE: Please do not add the inspection service AND the item you want inspected to the cart. Please check out with the inspection service only. By adding a package to the cart and checking out, you are telling us to ship it to you. If you do this, we will use our discretion as to whether or not the package should ship. We would rather that you decide if you want to ship the package, after it has been inspected and you see the results. .